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Monday, September 10, 2012

Gefeliciteerd Voor Mij =)

8th September was my birthday. 

Like usual I don't expect too much from it.
And that just what happened. My Parents forget about it, no midnight suprise from anyone. -Just Plain-

So i decided to have a quality time with my Creator, -Allah- Im thankfull because Allah still gave me time to live.
Allah taking care of me, giving me what i need instead what i want, helping me to get through every problem in my life. 
And i apologized for everythings that i have done wrong.

It was 07.00 am when AL came to my house. He ask me to meet him on his car.
The moment i entered his car we were both spontaneous sang 'Selamat Ulang Tahun' together while our hand clap each others.
I'm burst in tears and He just smile.

Right after we finished the song, he told me to get my present on the back of his car.
OMG, i dont want to get 'sombong' soo i dont mention what is the present was here. hehehhehehehe.
He gave me 2 things, i cried even louder back there when i opened his gift. hahahhaa. 

Love him so much.

Soooooo, We were having dinner together, when suddenly my closest friends came, singing happy birthday and brought me a cake.
It never cross my mind, because previously they like having their own schedule. And it was full team, well Anye couldn't make it. ='(

There are a lot of things that i want to write, but too lazy i guess, hehhee


Got some picts =)

Thankyou Bunga, Anin. Gita, Ai, Pipin, Ichy, Jefri, Manso, Andri, Arif and 
Off course Aulia Azhar =*

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