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Monday, July 6, 2015

Where all it began (513 days in SYD)

July 06, 2015 0 Comments

Well, Hello..
It's been a long time since the last time wrote my last post. I know , I know my English is not that great but hey at least you gotta keep trying huh??

So starting from now I'm gonna share my live experiences in dual language (English- Bahasa), easier to write in your mother tongue. lol
No more drama post, my post-teenager years had been past obviously.. Ok hmm what should I start with. 

Sometime in early 2013,

So I decided to quit from my job as media relation and Account Executive officer after 2.5 years of work. Well your jobdesk basicly are

  • to make press release
  • to contact and invite them to come to your events
  • to make agreement with media partners
  • to make MOU for promotional necessities

To sum-up it really was a pleasure to work as one, coz you get a whole new experiences everyday, with all those demanding clients and your Boss apparently, lol.

There was a time my manager wants me to go to MPR-DPR (it's Indonesian government representation) to get Support Letter from chiefs of MPR and DPR, for a movie called 'Surat Kecil Untuk Tuhan' which company I work for was the production house of the movie. So there I went, with hesitation Alone! yap I don't have any seniors to teach me what to do. 

Apparently one of my junior high friend work as the assistant of the Chief, I luckily got inside the building even the room for just mention her name (my friend name) whooaaa, yeah what's matter is whom you know right. :)

Anw, I went back and forth for about one month to just get those support letters. and also I arranged pre-launch "Surat Kecil Untuk Tuhan" movie with board member of in the field of culture and education. Nooooooot an easy job as my first month worker. But hey I made it with my team help too off course. 

Hello me, the one w/ silly hair acc.

We did promotion around a year, so I had these opportunities  to visited other cities in Indonesia, such: Medan, Surabaya, Cirebon, Jogja, Bandung, Pekan Baru, etc  

There were time we also promoted concerts such as David Cook, Keane, Gym Class Heroes, J-Rock Concert and the most memorable for me THE 1st ANIME FESTIVAL ASIA INDONESIA, etc   

You work with Japan Client, They want perfection. That's all I need to say. They hard to pleased and demanded you to be quick and effective, and that's my friend  how they managed their country to be success indeed.

I'll give you example of MOU in Bahasa, English oh and also example letter of support. in the next post (I'll try to looked them up first) lol.