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My name is Ria and welcome to

Back in 2011, I was an intern writer and a freelancer writer (now BOBO ONLINE) 

Then had 4 years experience in Media Relation and Promotion @Stroworld, a Production House company based in Kemang, Jakarta. 

Used to lived and worked in Sydney, Australia for couple years. Travel as mush as I could. Until I decided to married the love of my life and settle back for good in Jakarta, Indonesia.

Mostly write about my life as a daughter,  wife and currently a mother. Trying to find what my passion really is through writing. It's a wonderful feeling when you could share your experiences with everyone in a good way through writing. I love to travel and meet new people that spread positive vibes.



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  1. Assalamualaikum ka Ria, salam kenal dari sesama anggota grup IHB di WAG hehe.
    Perkenalkan nama saya Zahrah dai

    Semoga bisa jadi teman baik hehe.
    Btw kak, sekadar saran nih, mungkin bisa ditambahkan widget pengikut blog supaya teman-teman bisa mudah dapat pemberitahuan kalau kaka publikasi artikel terbaru :D